009 – The Resilient Leader with Jackie Lauer


Welcome to episode 9 of the Thriving Leaders Podcast, brought to you by Credence & Co.  Today Jason Dykstra speaks with Jackie Lauer about the topic of resiliency.  Here are some of the topics and questions they explore:

  • How do we become leaders full of love amongst the garbage we are sometimes surrounded by?
  • How do we deal with loss in the workplace and reframe how we look at our lives?
  • System of self-care and resilience
  • One little question we could ask more of in the workplace
  • Importance of mindfulness
  • How vulnerability can change leadership
  • Receiving and asking for help
  • The importance of sitting with the discomfort
  • The daily practice of mindset
  • Connection to self, other, and environment
  • Acknowledging grief and pain in the workplace


Here are some of the links that were mentioned in this episode:

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