012 – The Dynamics of Belonging with Betty Pries

Welcome to episode 12 of the Thriving Leaders Podcast, brought to you by Credence & Co.  We are living in one of the loneliest ages of all time and it begs the question, what does it really look like to belong?  This month Jason and Betty Pries sat down to talk about the dynamics of belonging.

Here are some of the topics that they explore in their conversation:

  • How has social media impacted the feeling of belonging?
  • The self-esteem generation and self-compassion
  • Does your self have a centre?
  • What is the true self?
  • Where are people currently finding places of purpose, beliefs, belonging?
  • How do we create workplaces that create places of belonging?
  • What does it look like to lead from your centre?

In this episode, Jason and Betty mentioned Brene Brown’s new book – Braving The Wilderness