015 – Evryman with Dan Doty

Welcome to episode 15 of the Thriving Leaders Podcast, brought to you by Credence & Co., and Happy New Year! This year we are starting off with a bang by talking to Dan Doty of Evryman.  Dan is a husband, father, writer, filmmaker, coach, and hosts the Evryman podcast.  In this episode we talk about Evryman’s mission: To inspire and create a movement that redefines what it means to be a man. Here are some of the other things we talk about:

  • The importance of owning your experience and feeling
  • What is Evryman
  • Men in the workplace – a response to toxic masculinity
  • Why repression doesn’t work
  • Going back to the basics – the importance of slowing down
  • How do we strike the balance between “tough” and “emotional”
  • How can leaders start dealing with change and do the internal work?
  • Creating a safe place
  • The importance of speaking from your own experience
  • The liberating feeling of nature
  • Creating and living in a shared experience

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